Privacy Policy

  • In handling your personal information, OKA FORTUNA LAW (“OFL”) shall comply with the Personal Information Protection Act of Japan ("PIPA") and other applicable laws and regulations (collectively, “PIPA, etc.”).

  • 1. Collection and Use of Personal Information

    OFL may, for purposes set forth in the next section, collect and use your personal information, including your name, gender, date of birth, address, telephone number, email address, name of company or organization, title and any other personal information that OFL deems necessary in providing legal services.

  • 2. Purpose of Use of Personal Information

    OFL shall use the personal information it collected within the scope necessary to achieve the following purposes:
    (i) performance of legal services;
    (ii) sending newsletters, courtesy announcements, and other similar notices;
    (iii) responding to various inquiries;
    (iv) recruitment and related communication, and human resource management after recruitment; and
    (v) any other purposes incidental to the above purposes

  • 3. Secure Management of Personal Information

    In order to maintain accurate personal information and prevent from leakage, loss of, or damage to personal information, OFL shall take necessary steps within its office. In addition, OFL shall appropriately supervise its lawyers and staffs regarding handling of personal information through OFL governing structure and training.

  • 4. Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

    Except in cases where OFL receives prior consent from the concerned person, or where the relevant laws and regulations permit or request, OFL shall not provide personal information to any third party.

  • 5. Requests for Disclosure, Amendment, Suspension of Use, etc. regarding Personal Information

    Following confirmation of identification, OFL shall address to requests for disclosure, amendment, suspension of use, notice of purpose of use, or the like regarding personal information in accordance with the PIPA, etc.

  • 6. Amendment of OFL Privacy Policy

    OFL shall periodically review and amend this Privacy Policy considering revision or abolition of laws and regulations, as well as clients views. This Privacy Policy is subject to change without notice, which amendment shall take effect once posted in this website.

  • 7. Inquiry

    Any question regarding our Privacy Policy or other issue related to the handling of personal information, please contact