Our attitude of mind is what counts.
The late Konosuke Matsushita had put his belief into words that we can alter severe adversity simply by our attitude of mind.There are evocative words to live by that can be given by someone like him who had cultivated his heart and spirit. Nevertheless, in the real world, there are times in which we cannot completely rid ourselves of anxiety, facing daily challenges and problems. We desire to resolve them as soon as possible. In such times, please take one courage to rely on the wisdom of law. I have witnessed so many times that Clients' attitude of mind that were full of uncertainty, instantly and drastically changing with very simple insight from the wisdom of law.

Based on my aim to encounter such opportunity more, I have opened OKA FORTUNA LAW in July 2023 at Kanda-ogawamachi, a city where various industries interestingly intersect. Being true to my initial aspiration, our firm aims to be a legal advisor where Clients can consult with in a more familiar and timely manner regarding their daily legal issues. We are committed to facing these issues alongside our Clients and striving to find the best solutions according to the relevant laws.

Gaining experience in both domestic and international cases for around 20 years, I have focused my efforts on international deals and agreements, cross-border organizational restructurings, and business succession for entrepreneurs. With the recent trend towards globalization and data-driven environments, I have also been actively involved in conducting regulatory investigations on privacy laws, personal information protection laws, as well as IoT and AI-related regulations. Legal support has always been required for businesses expanding overseas and I have successfully resolved issues and disputes that arose during such operations. Furthermore, I have built a network with reliable attorneys in various countries, so I am confident that OKA FORTUNA LAW can demonstrate its strength in cross-border cases. My previous work experience has also allowed me to continue interactions with accountants, tax specialists, administrative scriveners, and consultants. Our firm can quickly form necessary collaborations depending on the nature of your project.

It is always a great pleasure, as a lawyer, to witness our clients achieve goals they have envisioned for themselves, and to see them make significant steps forward towards their next phase, with the help from the power of law. We are committed to further refining our skills and knowledge, and look forward to welcoming you at our office.


Founding Partner Kaori OKA




FORTUNA means luck or good fortune in Latin.
Some Clients may feel hesitant to consult with a lawyer when they have a problem they want to solve, either because they feel difficult to approach lawyers or because of the fear of receiving convoluted advice. However, searching for solutions on the internet while being consumed by vague anxieties will not solve the problem, as no firm confidence will arise in yourself. So many times, the issues are left unresolved, making the path to resolution longer or more difficult than usual.

Fortes fortuna adiuvat (“fortune favors the brave”).
We hope our Clients take the courage to seek legal aid. We also aim to be the fortunate law firm where our Clients trust and rely on. With this hope in mind, I included the word FORTUNA into our firm’s name. We do aspire to provide legal services worthy of this name and high expectations of our Clients.

Professional History

2006 - 2010
Bingham McCuthchen LLP (Tokyo)
2010 - 2016
Iwata Godo Legal Office (2015- Partner)
Seconded to Hong Kong International Arbitration Center
2014 - 2015
Seconded to Steptoe & Johnson LLP (DC Office)
2015 - 2016
Seconded to Baker & Miller PLLC (DC Office)
2016 - 2022
Deloitte Legal Japan (Partner)


Passed written examination of first-class diplomat
LL.B., Tokyo University Professional Qualification


Dai-ichi Tokyo Bar Association (registration no. 34415)


External Director, Audit & Supervisory Committee Member of Maruwn Corporation

Publication & Seminars

Co-Author of The Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Review (Law Business Research; 2nd Edition) Chapter Japan
Guest speaker at GCR Live 2nd Annual Antitrust Litigation (NY WTC)


Japanese (native), English (native-like)